Christmas Present

Christmas Past harp guitar sampler featuring John Doan(no longer available through this site)
Christmas Present
featuring John Doan

Harp Guitar Music produced a two album series with “Christmas Present” and “Christmas Past.” The first album, “Christmas Present,” features John Doan along with a variety of harp guitarists playing traditional and original Christmas music. Artists include Stacy Hobbs, Gregg Miner, Stephen Bennett, and R. Carlos Nakai.

John performs “Infant King,” “Jolly Old King Wenceslas,” “Carol of the Bells,” and “The Angel’s First Noel,” all featured from his Wrapped In White album.

Christmas Past highlights the best tracks of previous holiday recordings featuring harp guitar from 1990 and 1991, when William Eaton created Winter Dreams with R. Carlos Nakai and Stephen Bennett introduced his multi-guitar extravaganza Nutcracker Suite, to 1994 & 1995 when John Doan and Gregg Miner respectively released their multi-instrument Christmas CDs, to 2002, when newcomer Stacy Hobbs debuted his all-harp guitar Christmas Melodies. Harp Guitar Music brought these classic pieces together for the first time.

My personal favorites include Doan’s superb Jolly Old King Wenceslas with its sweetly syncopated opening, and his intensely ethereal Carol of the Bells. Bennett’s heartfelt Silver Bells, which gradually adds instrumental layers…This album is a terrific introduction to the world of harp guitars, and even if you care not one whit about harp guitars, but want outstanding acoustic instrumentals for the holidays, then look no further. Christmas Past: Holiday Harp Guitar Classics is all the information you need! Just wonderful.”
Carol Swanson – “Christmas Past: Holiday Harp Guitar Classics Commentary and Review

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