Harp Guitar and Guitar Resources

The following are resources, artists, and references John Doan recommends.


  • Muriel Anderson – Boys, WATCH OUT! She is a big deal in a little package. Truly a great guitarist, a good person, and good friend.
  • Dan Crary – Information soon.
  • Chet Atkins – Once known as “Mister Guitar” his music still speaks to us today.
  • Pierre Bensusan – Pierre is a legend in his own time. He redefines for many of his fans what the possibilities are for the guitar through his use of DADGAD tuning, intricate melodies, and imaginative compositions. He is a guitarist’s Guitarist!
  • Dan Carollo – Acoustic finger style guitarist. He performs a blend of contemporary and traditional Irish/American tunes.
  • Beppe Gambetta – Acoustic guitarist born in Genoa, Italy. He teaches and promotes flatpicking and other guitar forms.
  • Michael Hedges – Grammy nominee acoustic guitarist and composer; He was a friend and fellow pioneer in expanding the guitar’s possibilities.
  • Stacy Hobbs – Stacy is a Harp Guitarist extraordinaire!
  • Barry McGuire – Friend and prolific singer, songwriter, storyteller and truth-seeker. Barry is the singer of the great hit “The Eve of Destruction”.
  • Mason Williams – Wonderful friend and guitarist. He is the REAL thing. His Christmas CD “A Gift of Song” is GREAT!!!

Musician Friends

  • David Lanz – David and George Winston practically defined contemporary piano styling. I love David’s work especially “Christofori’s Dream” which is a real masterpiece!
  • George Winston – George is a true pioneer of American contemporary piano styling. His “Autumn” and “December” recordings set the benchmark by which the entire genre is measured. His music has been a big influence on mine.

Harp Guitar Resources and References

Harpguitars.net – This is the main home for information about the harp guitar’s history, makers, and players. It is a must for anyone interested in anything about the harp guitar.
Willamette University – I’m an Associate Professor of Music at Willamette and the university offers extensive educational programs and concerts in music, music history, and harp guitars.

Celtic Music

  • Jeff Johnson – Friend and fellow Pilgrim. Composer of celtic and spiritual music.
  • Celtic Christian Tunes – A great site and resource for Celtic Christian music, Celtic Christian recording artists and related info.
  • Will Millar – Former lead singer and musician of the Irish Rovers. He plays guitar, banjo and the tin whistle.

Guitar History, Festivals, and More

  • Guild of American Luthiery – The main clearing house of information about making and repairing instruments. They hold many events in the Pacific Northwest.
  • Primal Twang – The Legacy of the Guitar production being filmed in a live performance for a DVD.
  • Better Guitar – Guitar site for guitar equipment, instructions and index of players.
  • 100 Greatest Guitarists – Lists, links and spotlights of Guitarists which include all musical genres.
  • Worship Guitar Class with Jean Welles – She is old friend and has put together some amazing CDs and DVDs to help people learn to play the guitar in worship settings.
  • “la note picking” – Great site for information on Guitar in France!