Into the Quiet

Into the Quiet by John Doan - Album Cover.
Into the Quiet
John Doan
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John Doan’s “Into the Quiet” is a musical tapestry that creates a calming sanctuary away from the harshness of contemporary life returning us to moments where we can pause and wonder about life’s mysteries and to muse about things that really matter. It creates transcendent moments where we can feel a part of the world instead of apart from the world. John gathered the musical threads woven into this tapestry from years of touring in Europe, from musical visions that appeared to him in dreams, and from the awe-inspiring, rugged Northwest landscape where he lives. This timeless work transforms the tension and striving of the moment as it whispers to us of the beauty that is waiting, if we would only enter into the quiet.

It features thirteen tracks of over an hour of music, with eight new tunes and five solo re-recordings of music which earlier appeared in ensemble or on little known sampler releases.

  1. Water is Wide 5:02
  2. Farewell 4:20
  3. Lost Then Found 3:33
  4. Winter by the Fire 3:12
  5. The Old Church of Kilronan 4:19
  6. Wild Geese Above the Clouds 4:09
  7. Attersee 4:46
  8. Where Has the Love Gone 4:11
  9. When the Stars Come Out 4:39
  10. Venezia Bells At Dawn 7:28
  11. Harp Guitar Dreams 3:33
  12. The Road Home 6:58
  13. Into the Quiet 5:28

Total Time: 62:00

“John’s music is like magic. No special effects or illusion, real hands on real magic. Where all of this music is coming from seems like a mystical experience.” Mason Williams: Classical Gas

Into The Quiet John Doan

Emmy Nominee John Doan is the pioneer of the 20 string harp guitar that pushes the boundaries of what was previously thought possible on the guitar. His acclaimed music was awarded “Best Celtic Album of the Year” and Billboard’s “Editor’s Choice.” He recently was given the International Brand Laureate Award for “World’s Leading Harp Guitarist.”

“That which is most essential is invisible to the eye.” Mr. Rogers

As you listen to these musical treasures you may feel as if you are eavesdropping on a conversation that was waiting for you to arrive, to surrender to the immensity of the stars appearing in the evening sky, to feel a kinship to wild geese passing by above the clouds, to awaken to morning bells reverberating in the narrow canals of Venice. The poetic music feels like it has been pulled down from heaven to earth with each carefully chosen note. It is tender music that invites the listener into the quiet.

“John’s music is simply beautiful. No, it is more than that, it is heavenly!” Burl Ives

John Doan with harp guitar - back view.

Water Is Wide: This American Folksong of Scottish origins speaks of the distance between one’s past and the hope of a better life to come. A broken trust brings on a sadness of putting the past to rest.

Farewell: Life is full of sad yet happy goodbyes – the ending of a summer vacation, a child leaving home, a retirement from a life’s work. What once was possessed is let go yet it is a “Good” bye.

Lost Then Found: There is solace at the ocean shore, in a woodland breeze, or in a songbird’s call. Once lost in the roar of city streets I am found in the quiet of the natural world breathing in deeply the moment.

Winter by the Fire: The winter rests in chilly sleep. Inside it is warm by the fire as we huddle within at rest with woolen blankets, a warm drink, and each other to pass the time.

The Old Church of Kilronan: The moon shines down upon Turlough O’Carolan’s (1670-1738) grave within the Old Church of Kilronan. I tried to capture in song a moonbeam as it befell Ireland’s “Last Great Bard.”

Wild Geese Above the Clouds: The Wild Geese know where they are going as they announce their path across the evening sky. In a waking dream I long to go with them off and away above the clouds.

Attersee: Visitors to Attersee, Austria speak its name in awe humbled by the gentle light or the scent of roses that blow from the castle’s garden across the lake waters. I heard in music what Klimt painted here, and felt the quiet of the lakeside cottage that inspired Mahler to write symphonies.

Where Has the Love Gone?: Have you heard the news lately? Where are the love songs? I ask where has the love gone as I seek solace into the quiet. It is there I envision the broken in need of compassion, the angry in need of kindness.

When the Stars Come Out: One by one the miracle of the evening sky reveals itself again to all who cannot comprehend it. Poets fumble for words to describe it yet in the quiet of a distant night an ancient harper was consoled by a celestial comforter.

Venezia Bells At Dawn: At first light Church bells resounded off the canal walls as they chimed with sanctity upon the waters of Venice. Did I dream this or did I awaken into a dreamlike place? My love lay beside me as I drift between two worlds.

Harp Guitar Dreams: I awaken in the quiet of night to a harp guitar dream. I try in earnest to not awaken fully as it finds its way through drowsy fingers upon metal strings strung across a wooden frame.

The Road Home: Another morning comes with its promise of daily possibilities. Busyness masks awareness of time passing yet it proceeds with or without our notice. We cannot will it otherwise. Perhaps I should not put off those things I have been longing to do, those words I have been meaning to say.

Into the Quiet: Out of a dream came a hymn once sung on an ocean liner about to sink at sea. Such moments are deeply personal and hardly ever spoken of. If one is quiet, a hush of words from across the millennium can be heard. “Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.”

John Doan with Harp Guitar.

Special thanks to: Jason Carter and Tom Nunes of Wavelength Studios for the great recording experience

Jeffrey Elliott and John Sullivan for designing and making a sonically stellar harp guitar.

Deirdra Doan for all her companionship on world and life travels, her lively conversations ranging from the mundane to the sublime, her encouragement of my music making, and for her inspirational artwork.

Lorelle VanFossen for all her encouragement and masterful website assistance.

Harald Peterstorfer for all his technical sound and image assistance.

Michael and Lynda Leamy for their heartfelt support and insightful suggestions.

To many friends who provided feedback and encouragement with this project.

All tracks were recorded at Wavelength Studios, Salem, Oregon 2016

Graphics and photography by Deirdra Doan

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