Celtic Twilight Vol. 1

Celtic Twilight Volume 1
featuring John Doan
CD Price $15.97
(no longer available through this site)

John plays “Farewell” leading off the first of these highly successful samplers (listed below) of new sounds in Celtic inspired music. An international hit, the album topped Billboard’s charts for a year and has since sold over 500,000 copies. “Farewell” with chamber orchestra is featured on Eire – Isle of the Saints, which won “Best Celtic Album of the Year,” and in a solo harp guitar version on “A Celtic Pilgrimage” CD as well as on the A Celtic Pilgrimage DVD.

Sharing in this ground breaking recording are such artists as Loreena McKennitt, Alasdair Fraser, Joanie Madden, Davy Spillane, Nightnoise, among others.

John got his inspiration for this piece while playing bedside for American folk legend Burl Ives. They had talked about the tradition of bards and how Burl had identified with his Irish roots and had even modeled his singing after John McCormick who was a famous Irish tenor. He spoke of how he saw his role as reminding people of their roots so that they would have a better idea of who they are now so that they can better walk proudly into their future. He was in the later stages of leukemia and had to remain lying for great periods of time. As John played on into the evening Burl drifted to sleep listening to this improvised tribute to America’s last great bard.

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