10th Annual Harp Guitar Retreat June 22nd – 25th 2017, 9th Annual Harp Guitar Retreat Great Success

John Doan’s Tenth Annual Harp Guitar Retreat is set for June 22nd to June 25th 2017.  I hope you will be able to make it. (see below for a daily itinerary, Saturday concert, testimonials, photos, fees, and registration information).

Harp Guitar Retreat Class with John Doan

The Ninth Annual Harp Guitar Retreat was a huge success with classes, private lessons, Harp Guitar Gallery, Music Nights, Concerts, and plenty of time hanging out talking about life and, what else, harp guitars!  We begin each day with a three hour group class where we are hands on the instrument exploring harp guitar playing techniques, music ideas, and even ensemble playing.

2. Harp Guitar Retreat Harp Guitars

We always have a great line up of harp guitars of all sizes and makes, all for you to test drive at your leisure.

3. Gerry Camp shows John Doan Emerald Harp Guitar

Gerry Camp brought his prototype 20 string Carbon Fiber Emerald harp guitar made in Ireland.  It is virtually indestructible and we were all impressed what a good sounding instrument it was, especially plugged in or with the new Tonewood Amp attached to its back.

4. Harp Guitar Retreat Class Exercise

The classes give you an opportunity to try out unique techniques to the harp guitar.  Many of these are taught without having to read from music so you can focus on your playing.

Rigorous effort needs frequent breaks, especially for fresh baked pastries.

5. Harp Guitar Retreat with John Doan Class Break

Lunches, dinners, evenings at a local outdoor pub, and times between lessons provide hang times to relax and have fun.

Friday night we perform for and with each other.

9. John Doan's Harp Guitar Retreat Night Jam

Saturday night we have a harp guitar concert in the woods open to the public. This year it was at the breathtaking wooded park my neighbors Kathy and Bill created in the forest we live in.

10. John Doan's Harp Guitar Retreat Concert in the Woods

Gerry Camp and Steve Bissell opened the show with their own tunes and arrangements for harp guitar.  Both were well received by the audience.

11. John Doan's Harp Guitar Retreat Gerry Camp in Concert

12. John Doan's Harp Guitar Retreat Steve Bissell in Concert

When it got dark I performed excerpts from my multimedia concert “A Celtic Pilgrimage – Rediscovering the Life and Times of St. Patrick”.

13. Harp Guitar Retreat John Doan in ConcertOur last night we had a barbecue and the boys snuck away to a local brewery.

Saying good bye was hard after a fun filled weekend.

16. John Doan's Harp Guitar Retreat Goodbyes

Our last class we even videoed an ensemble tune “Harp Guitar Sunset” we debuted the evening before at the outdoor concert.

17. John Doan's Harp Guitar Retreat Final Class

Some Testimonials About the Harp Guitar Retreat

“It was another magical weekend, and they just get better and better.

The retreat location in the canopy of trees above the extinct volcano is beautiful, and the view over the valley out the living room window is amazing. The rooms filled with instruments all waiting to be played and enjoyed was a real banquet for the hands and hearts and ears.

Our lessons were packed with information we could actually retain and use in our musical journeys. You are a true teacher in that you are able to find out what each person needs and then tailor the lessons to fit. Having the group learn and perform a brand new piece you composed just for the occasion was a real treat, and the start of a new tradition. The students melded together into a cohesive, mutually supportive group that enjoyed each other and had fun together.

Looking forward to 2017.”

Angele Blanton

“Thank you for the wonderful weekend and for the knowledge you have given me! I am hoping to return next year. I made some great friends and had so much fun.”
Melissa Young

“What a privilege to have met and spent time, all too short a time with you. I can only hope it can be repeated. A truly unforgettable experience. Thank you for your company.

Unforgettable – unmissable – if you get the opportunity to attend a retreat with John at Prospect Ridge grab it firmly with both hands not forgetting to hold onto your harp guitar with your third hand, believe me you’ll need it.

On a slightly more serious note ………………

John’s ability to demystify the Harp Guitar with its myriad complexities, assess your rung on the Harp Guitar ladder and suggest the next step was breathtaking. I arrived  at Prospect Ridge somewhat concerned about the instrument I’d hauled across the Atlantic and left four days later convinced that I’d made the right decision.

A Thesaurus of superlatives would be inadequate to describe the experience.

The only regret – not going on the previous retreat!

So huge thanks to John & Deirdra – and the other attendees – Gerry, Steve, Angele and Melissa for an unforgettable and memorable few days.”

Robin Launder

“Thank you for these new harp guitar materials.  I am really understanding it and these recent arrangements are logical and insightful to the basics of playing the harp guitar with super trebles.  The whole experience was a lot of fun and has encouraged me to practice to move ahead on the harp guitar.”

Steve Bissell

“A splendid time was had! The local beer was great and the harp guitar was amazing!”

Gerald Camp the Third

Included with registration: All lodging and meals are on site and included with registration. Printed materials are provided for each student with a series of exercises and compositions to take home after the retreat.

Instruments available on site: There will be several harp guitars on site for your use if you do not have one of your own to bring to the seminar. You definitely will want to check out the latest model of Travel Harp Guitars from Lukas Brunner of Switzerland.

Incidental Activities: There is plenty of hiking trails, tax free shopping, local wine tasting, on site hot tub, trampoline, and wireless internet. The site is central and about one hour away from the Oregon Coast, the high desert of Bend, and the cities of Portland and Eugene. In between classes and private lessons there will be time to just relax, practice, read, explore the area, or casually visit with other harp guitarists.

Space is limited: Retreats are limited from five to seven participants and their guests. Spouses, friends, or family attend at a reduced rate. If needed an additional weekend retreat will be scheduled to accommodate more participants.

Participants Fee: $700

Included four nights stay, three group sessions, three private lessons, meals, evening presentations, and various incidentals.

Additional guests Fee: $250

Includes four nights stay, meals, evening presentations, and various incidentals.

To enroll or for more information call or write, please use our contact form. Or call 503-364-4787 or write to us at PO Box 5081, Salem, OR 97304.