8th Annual Harp Guitar Retreat July 9-12, 2015 “Catch The Vision”

Harp Guitar Retreat Morning Class

Harp Guitar Retreat Morning Class

The 8th Annual Harp Guitar Retreat July 9-12, 2015 is a great event for all those interested in learning more about:

1. the techniques and concepts of playing the harp guitar

2. exploring ideas on how music works through hands on application

3. composing and performing through personal coaching

4. and being inspired.

If any of the above interests you please consider reserving your place for this summer’s 8th Annual Harp Guitar Retreat held at the home of John and Deirdra Doan.  At the retreat you will have access to John’s years of experience as a pioneer of the harp guitar and as an Emmy-Nominated and award winning recording and performing artist.

The setting is nothing short of breath taking with expansive westerly views of the Willamette Valley.

John Doan - living room concert - the chair awaits in his home.

It is an intimate stress-free environment with all levels of playing/performing encouraged and accepted for an educational seminar involving a very limited number of participants.

Harp Guitar Retreat 2013 BBQ7


You may come out to learn about playing the harp guitar but you will also leave with some new friends.






The retreat starts with a Thursday night dinner and informal performance for those who would like to play. The class and lessons are laid back and are aimed at working with players who have just started playing the harp guitar and with those who want to put an edge on what they already have accomplished with the instrument and their music.

Weekend morning classes begin with reviewing various exercises from the new harp guitar instruction book John Doan is preparing for publication. Continue reading