Television Interview with John Doan Christmas Show

From the archives…

In this national television interview by Shannon Woodland with John Doan about the Victorian Christmas show, now called “Christmas Unplugged.”

Celebrating its 27th year, this annual tradition is a musical journey back through time, much like Doctor Who, to a time when we made our own entertainment through stories and song.

In old times, people would have zithers, guitars, or banjos, making their own music…anyone in the household could play these.

I’ve found so many instruments, so many artifacts from this time past that have a certain charm to them. They all tell a story about who we were.

…music is a great equalizer. It is something beyond words. It is non-verbal and parodies our emotions…

The annual John Doan Christmas Show, “Christmas Unplugged: Reclaiming the Holiday Spirit” is on tour throughout the Oregon State area now.

If you cannot make the concert, you can honor the tradition with the Wrapped In White” CD and the Victorian Christmas DVD of the Emmy-nominated show.