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3 thoughts on “Subscribe

  1. God bless you as you travel and share the gift. Look forward to seeing you again. Thanks for the blessings, and love to Deirdra.

  2. Hi John, my friend Jim and I met you at Trinity Church on Park Ave, in Prescotte, Az, on Dec 21, 2012. What a lovely evening. I have long red hair, was dressed in a Celtic manner and chatted with you about Kelly and Emilo from Oregon and the FairyWorld Festival you performed at. Well I wrote something for you and wanted to share it before the holiday. I wish a wonderful Yule to you and your lovely wife and family. Enjoy:

    Personal Tribute To John Doan
    December 22, 2012
    By Lady Mathers

    How masterful, how sweet is thy music.
    Every note stirring me blissful inside.
    Music brought forth by gentle hand and heart,
    unveiling “Where Horses Of Faery Hide.”

    Ne’er was there one who knew the strings better,
    or could weave such magic to please the ear.
    My soul is alive with joyful being,
    so profound is its reach, that I shed a tear.

    I knew not GuitarHarp before you.
    The “Isle Of The Saints” was the first I heard.
    A treasure, Sir John, rich in history.
    You speak my ancestry…without a word.

    The backdrop of Ireland fuels this magic.
    I can’t help but dance to each lively tune.
    Some of your melodies invite the stillness,
    to gather the quiet and gaze at the moon.

    To my surprise, you came to my hometown.
    I saw, I heard, I thanked you face to face,
    for the wealth of spirit you’ve given me;
    the inspiration, the smiles and grace.

    The joy born of giving, I see in you,
    shared straight from the heart in your special way.
    To you and yours, a warm blessed Yule time.
    Health and happiness be yours each new day!

    • Lady:

      Of course I remember meeting you and thank you for honoring me with some of your fine writing. Next time I will play for you my Celtic music (including “Where Horses of Faery Hide”). My December concert tour has come to an end and I am now being able to reflect on all the wonderful moments and great people I experienced along the way.

      Have a Merry Christmas and a “Harpy” New Year,


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