John Doan Concert in Anaheim September 15, 2012

Eire - Isle of the SaintsEire – Isle of the Saints
by John Doan
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The Living Tradition Concert Series represented by Gary Trobridge will present “A Celtic Pilgrimage with John Doan,” Saturday, September 15th, 2012, at The Anaheim Downtown Community Center at 7:30PM. The concert will feature music from John Doan’s award winning recording “Eire – Isle of the Saints” (Winner of “Best Celtic Album of the Year”) and “Wayfarer” (also nominated for the same title).

John’s playing of the 20 string harp guitar takes audiences on a Celtic pilgrimage to the sites made famous by St. Patrick and others during the Golden Age of Ireland. These sites a millennium ago were imaginatively called “Thin Places” where it was believed the space between heaven and earth, and past and future, were thinly divided. The audience is transported back to the very sites where the music was composed enhanced by masterful storytelling.

The Living Tradition is a non-profit organization working for the preservation of traditional music and dance in Southern California. They host contra dances, contemporary and traditional folk music concerts, and traditional music jams nearly every month at the beautiful Anaheim Downtown Community Center in Anaheim, California.

Preview of A Celtic Pilgrimage Documentary

Filmed entirely on location in Ireland, this is a preview of the upcoming documentary on John Doan’s “A Celtic Pilgrimage.” It showcases the journey he took repeatedly to explore the Celtic history and spiritual places he calls the “thin places” where spirit and earth meet.

John talks about the project and the stories of how he came to compose the beautiful music behind his Eire – Isle of the Saints, Wayfarer, and A Celtic Pilgrimage albums.