Celtic Twilight Vol. 2

Celtic Twilight Volume 2
featuring John Doan
CD Price $15.97

John plays “The Journey Home” on this sequel to the hit compilation Celtic Twilight Vol. 1, which matched and or surpassed its predecessor.

John is again joined by such artists as Loreena McKennitt, Joanie Madden as well as others such as Nightnoise. This recording was special to John as he shares the album with Micheal O’Domhnaill (Nightnoise) who introduced him to Billy Oskay who has produced and recorded most of John’s recordings. Kate and Ilene O’Moore (Micheal’s Aunties) introduced John to Micheal as a result of an unplanned meeting where John was a guest in their bed and breakfast in Lahinch, Ireland, where they danced a jig and prayed a prayer over John and sent him off to play a practical joke on their “bad” nephew who had not come to visit them in a long time.

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