Victorian Christmas DVD

Victorian Christmas
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For the music CD of Victorian Christmas, see the Wrapped In White album.

Although traditions at Christmas have changed over the years we still strive to retain the season’s warmth by spending time with family and friends. John Doan reminds us here in these programs of what our history was by bringing it back to life with stories and songs of the season. You just might find yourself laughing, singing, and cherishing those you love as you enjoy these holiday specials. This DVD contains both Oregon Public Broadcasting programs “A Christmas to Remember with John Doan” and “A Victorian Christmas with John Doan.”

A Christmas To Remember With John Doan (OPB and PBS)

This Oregon Public Broadcasting (1991) teleplay classic has become a favorite among John’s many fans. It is a musical and dramatic television special acting out how a family rediscovered the meaning of the season. John plays the part of a magical recluse living near Mount Hood in Oregon. His cabin is full of instruments hanging from the walls. A family is in the midst of fighting while driving in the car to a company Christmas Party. The car brakes down in the snow on a remote road in front of John’s cabin so they seek warmth and use of a phone but receive much more from their brief visit. The program features performances on old instruments by John and the entire cast.

A Victorian Christmas With John Doan (OPB)

This Oregon Public Broadcasting production (1993) earned an Emmy Award Nomination for” Best Entertainment Special of the Year.” It features John Doan on numerous instruments with dialogue, humor, and special guests. John tells of a time a century ago when people actually entertained themselves and each other and demonstrates what it was like by leading sing-alongs, playing dozens of authentic yet forgotten instruments, all the while sharing our history in a way that is both fun and thought provoking for the audience.

“Call him Mr. Christmas.”
Statesman Journal

“Queen Victoria might be amused by John Doan’s Victorian Christmas … She might not recognize the American carols, but the tiny banjuerine would surely bring a smile to those stern lips.”
The Oregonian

“John Doan … has created a new Northwest tradition with his annual Victorian Christmas concerts. It is a special holiday gift.”
Oregon Focus Magazine

“John Doan’s A Victorian Christmas is a stellar performance by one of Oregon’s finest musicians, an old-fashioned holiday sing-along for all ages, and a history lesson woven in one.
Jefferson Public Radio

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